Engineering . Design . Construction . Procurement . Landscaping & Earth Moving . Manpower
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Engineering . Design . Construction . Procurement . Landscaping & Earth Moving . Manpower
Engineering . Design . Construction . Procurement . Landscaping & Earth Moving . Manpower


To be recognized as one of the country’s top General Contractors whose contributions are notable not just in construction development, but also in establishing and upholding to our clients across all nations, through our work and our people, the Filipino ingenuity, reliability and professionalism.
To adhere to our concept of “Stability”:

  • Stability of every construction project that we start and complete, by observing high quality standards in all of our undertakings using contemporary engineering technology and state-of-the- art equipment without compromising the health, safety, and protection of workers, clients, and project-end users which remain to be on top of our list of priorities;
  • Stability of the company’s organization by inculcating professionalism through proper training, strict compliance with standard operating procedures and observing work ethics;
  • Stability of the company as a whole by valuing people-attaining superior customer satisfaction, building and maintaining client-contractor relationship. Hence, promoting awareness that our success is much attributed to the valued confidence and trust given to our company by our clients, partners and suppliers as well as the entire work organization.


TRANSASIA Construction Dev’t. Corp. is committed to contribute towards our fast-rising global economy. Its modern engineering and construction methodology drew the attention of both local and foreign clients. The company’s resilience strongly validates that TRANSASIA is dependable and highly competent to deliver superior quality service.

As a pioneer in the construction industry, TRANSASIA has built close to a hundred industrial buildings all over the country and a good number of completed projects outside the country. Amidst the growing number of competitors and the global economic struggles, TRANSASIA proudly stands to continue its effort in being part of the country’s development scene, and engaging in projects across the globe armed with Filipino pride, passion and integrity.

Air. More than expertise, resourcefulness and creative innovations in building such facilities are required to keep up with technology and modern design trends. Trans Asia’s completed high rise towers, aviation structural facilities, and aircraft hangars displays integration of safety, functionality and stability.

Land. Trans Asia responsibly engages in land development with minimal or as much as possible, no destruction of the natural features of the land. Abuse or misuse of natural resources is avoided without compromising promised delivery of projects and services. The importance of the safety and protection of people as well as the environment are instilled.


Being in the construction industry for almost three decades, TRANSASIA has completed over 100 projects in the Philippines and abroad. TRANSASIA’s capability and expertise to build various buildings and fulfill all construction requirements makes it possible to continuously serve local and international clients..



Strict Compliance. Trans Asia adheres strictly to “Safety First Policy”. Indeed, no amount of skill and expertise can prevail over safety. People’s health and safety as well as environment protection should never be compromised. Trans Asia works under Strict Safety Compliance from mobilization to construction, to project complexion and turnover.

Standard Procedures & Policy. All workers undergo review and training of the Standard Operating Procedures and Work Policy prior to deployment. Trans Asia is advocating the Philippine’s Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) intensified campaign on zero accident in the construction industry. May it be a large or small-scale project, workers’ compliance with the Standard Procedures and Policy is firmly administered by on-site project managers.

Skilled & Professional Workers. The Administrative and Operations Departments of Trans Asia thoroughly screen applicants who undergo extensive selection process to ensure that every worker is skilled or a certified machine/equipment operator, experienced, physically and mentally fit to work.


Engineering helps improve quality of life. Trans Asia is the trusted contractor for industrial facilities since its early development as a single proprietorship in the 1980’s up to its evolution into a corporation in 2006 for its being intuitive to clients’ needs: expertise, functionality of engineering designs , competitive development cost, construction safety regulations, and customer satisfaction.


Design. Professional design based on standards, computerized system layouts with 3D virtualization, precision and accuracy for efficient procurement of materials and equipment. These are just the few things that set Trans Asia apart from other general contractors, its distinct designs and working system.


Manpower. Trans Asia takes pride in the workmanship as well as the professionalism of its workforce. Each and every project is carried out from start to finish by construction teams composed of licensed engineers, crane operators and skilled workers. Trans Asia directly hires its own workers and limits subcontracting to a minimum (not over 10% of its labor force) for each project to ensure quality and customer-satisfaction.


TRANSASIA’s design and construction uses the state-of-the-art Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) ASIA system for commercial and industrial structures and facilities with special functions. Nowadays, steel structures are very popular. These are easy and fast to fabricate and can stand in any kind of climatic conditions. Pre-fabrication process offers more benefits and advantages compared to the traditional building process in terms of cost, building time, flexibility and accuracy of the overall design and construction.

Applications: High Rise Buildings, Multiplexes & Commercial Buildings, Power Plant Buildings, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings & Warehouses, Steel Decks and extension upgrades.


Development targets and expectations are also attributed to TRANSASIA’s complete line-up of power tools and heavy equipment enabling TRANSASIA to work on simultaneous projects and swiftly mobilize from one project site to another.

Bobcats (230, 643, 743, 843), Tractor Kubota (2202 & 2601), Tractor Ford 3000, Multicabs, Pick-ups,& AUV’s, Road Rollers 3.6 Tons, Mini-Dump Trucks, Scissor Lifts, Man Lifts (Crawler Type & Truck Mounted), Forward Trucks, Boom Trucks (2, 3, and 10 Tons), Dump Trucks, Cargo Trucks (6W & 10W), Vibratory Rollers (Bomag), Wheel Loaders, Graders, Backhoes (PC – 40, 70, 200, 200LC-8), Bulldozers, Tower Cranes